Hover Fly Female on Gladiolus flower

Midge Chironomus in Cabin River Erne

Fly Thereva nobilitata on Dandelion flower, Blessington

Grasshopper North East Kefalonia

Mantis at Villa pool nr Fiskardo Kefalonia

Buff tailed Bumble Bee with mites on Dandelion flower

Common Wasp hovering at flower

Adelpha iphidus butterfly on hat; Tambopata jungle, Peru

Common Carder Bee on Dandelion flower

Blue-spot Hairstreak Male butterfly NE Kefalonia

Hover Fly  on flower

Striped Hawk Moth

Dung Fly on Leaf

Type of Bee Fly;  NE Kefalonia

Southern Comma Butterfly;  NE Kefalonia

Hover Fly on leaf

Leaf Hopper on branch

Small White Butterfly on Bougainvillaea flowers Kefalonia

Scolia Wasp Alaties Cove Kefalonia

Red Admiral Butterfly on Buddleia

Hoverfly hovering at Dandelion flower

Oriental Meadow Brown NE Kefalonia

Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia

Orange & Black Flower Bug type Insect NE Kefalonia

Painted Lady Butterfly on Buddleia

Southern White Admiral;  Kefalonia

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